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Did you know that You don't have to do 
“Hustle and Grind” 
to be successful in your business?

A Dynamically New Way To Effectively Run Your Business and Take it to The NEXT Level

So what is the Magic Ingredient?

It’s 3 Step Quantum Activation Process, So How Does it Work? 

The First Secrets is, Learning to Tap into YOUR Unlimited Power and Quantum Energy.
The big idea here is Your ability to create a life you want is easier than you think, you just have never have been taught the right steps!

This is important because Your energy or emotion to influence your surroundings is more powerful than you can imagine. 

In a study with Dr. Emoto and the hidden messages of water, he showed demonstrated the impact of emotions have on water with an incredible experiment. He took different samples of water and actually sent the water certain emotions. He then froze the water and it created different water crystals. 
The results were astonishing.

The emotions that were positive created beautiful snowflake like patterns, and the negative emotions created ugly distorted patterns.

This was a direct representation of how emotions effect your surroundings both positively and negatively.

Filling yourself up with positive energy, high vibrational emotions effects your body at a quantum level!

Translating this into business, infusing positive emotions into your business and radically change the outcome. !
The Second Secrets is People are Stuck a Loop and Need Clarity! 
The main thing to understand here is that People get into overwhelm and overload and get stuck taking action .
This means Once you fill yourself up with the right energy, it is so important to have a clear path!

People get overloaded with so much information "shiny object syndrome" gets in the way of keeping a clear path to their success.

 Having a roadmap of what exactly what. you want to accomplish each week is CREATING a life you love, instead of going a long without direction and ending up 6 months later without any results. Having a clear path is one of the crucial components to getting results faster and with more fun! .   
The Third Secrets is to Clear Out HIDDEN Resistances!! .
There are hidden resistances, energy imprints and belief systems that are keeping you stuck.

This is key because Have you ever been stuck and you didn't know why?  

You knew you wanted but it felt like you were stuck and didn't know why you were not taking any action?  
It was because there was some hidden energy resistances either old thought patterns, beliefs or emotions that were keeping you stuck. 

Once you have the right energy, you have a clear path and you have cleared out any resistances, you can have results faster than you imagined. 

Your intuition is turned on, opportunities present themselves and you get into a state of flow and fun, instead of grit and hustle.   

We Combine Self Care and 
Performance Results ALL In One PLACE! 

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

It’s Maybe that works for other people but it does not work for me!
Well the tricky thing is that Most people don't spend the time creating the life they love because they don't take the time to do it. 

 They may plan once a year or once a quarter and plan their day of "TO DO's" but they don't create the REAL life they love. 

 One of the reasons could be they are tired and what they have tried in the past did not work! What I have found it is like working out! 

When you fill yourself up with the right energy every week, you set a clear path of what you really want, you clear the resistances and you have a group cheering you on, it is the recipe for success and FUN!!

Wishes Come True Membership was created so you can Start of your Week energized to be enthusiastic and excited about life!.

And I, as Real Estate Investor and Performance Coach who has Closed millions of dollars in real estate using this exact energy quantum process. 

We Create an accountable weekly process that elevates your energy, clears out the resistances and then energizes your goals so you can begin to
  tap into your own inner power and essence of who you are
Yes real estate is a fabulous vehicle for wealth and income and I have been blessed with what it has provided for me and my family.

 But beyond that, being fulfilled, seeing other's light up and succeed to create a life they love and having their wishes come true is the biggest gift I could get! .
So what I’ve done is I’ve Created this Amazing Wishes come True Membership where you can start creating a life you love!.
We also have Additional Energy Clearings and Abundance upgrades I have added in as a bonus to you! , but today I’m talking about the Wishes Come True Membership! ,which is amazing.
I’m Theresa Sage and I can’t wait to see you on the inside. 
Have a great day. ❤️❤️

Sharane Dorrah

Real Estate Investor / Broker

Debbie Liu

Real Estate Investor / Broker
The Wishes Formula:

Here is What Happens When You Apply the "Wishes" Formula..

DANIEL was in trouble with making payroll for his company, he had two weeks to make payroll. We went through the "wishes" process. We worked together to have clarity for what he wished for. He wanted to create a win/win/win for himself, his staff, and his clients! 
We identified some Aligned activities he could do to 
create more income in his business. 
💫 We energized his "Goal". 
Weeks later
he had easily made payroll and had created 
the abundance and income he needed in his business! 

 Margaret was looking for a new place to live, but instead got a new remodel on her condo! She saved money AND had contractors and supplies magically show up even when there were building supplies and workers high in demand!  She got the "newness" without the hassle and expense of moving.
She ended up having a newly remodeled property faster than she imagined, and couldn't be happier! 

 Christine was looking for a new life! After a breakup she decided to move to warmer weather in a new country during covid! Using the Wishes Formula, she found a new job, packed up, and started a new life with an unexpected sign on bonus of 10k! 

She couldn't be happier!  Her new place is like a resort!!  Close to mountains to hike and palm trees surrounding her with an amazing pool close and workout facility. 

 Eleana wanted to have a beautiful condo on the beach.  Views of the Ocean and in an amazing location.  She identified the perfect condo she wanted and put in an offer.  Her challenge was there were THREE offers on the same property.  

She went through the "Wishes Process" She had clarity, aligned actions and we energized her wish with our powerful energy tools, and three hours after we did this energy process she got an accepted offer and now is in the place of her dreams. 

 Eric needed to settle $750K in judgement debt to get financing on his house.  He had this hanging over his head for 10 years and had heavy huge financial resistance around this debt.   After doing the "Wishes Formula" and taking the right actions, his debt was settled within 3 months.  

He felt like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders and he could now move on to create more income and fun in his life. 

 Personally wanted to do a land deal close to my house. I wanted to have a lot that he could split to build two more houses in a desirable location. 
I did the "Wishes Formula" one property showed up in my neighborhood 3 weeks later. 
My husband and I took action. 
We ended up selling the lot, and earned 6 figures on this deal 
for a profitable ROI!  

If you are ready to dream again, to create a life that is better than you imagined, then it is time to start having your
Wishes Come True. 
Join today! I can’t wait to meet you!!  
  Love Theresa Sage 💕
💕I  LOVE - LOVE - LOVE Seeing other people tapping into their inner light, their inner strength and the juicy deliciousness of the essence of who they are and seeing them accomplish what they want in life!     Join us Today! 

This is What People Say!
Theresa, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your light and talents with me. I look at things differently and feel things differently and I know this will make a difference in my everyday Life. I have used the “exercises” you shared with me and love them! You are a gift and I am so grateful.
WOW!!! U are INTUITIVE!!!!
Thank you, Theresa Sage for an amazing session. You are light and love personified. Thank you for just diving right in, probing through the BS story, and letting me land in the truth.
 I am filled with love and a sense of calmness like never before. War is over… Now time for the new reality.
My greatest joy is showing my clients how they can reconnect with their inner strength, their inner power, and their inner joy to create a life they love.
I love to guide people all over the World find their inner light.
Thank you for the great session tonight. My husband is opening to energy work and really was relaxed and unguarded when we talked tonight. A very different energy. Obviously, I love him very much or we would not be together still. I think our Life’s will be better each day. I have not been able to cut or remove the cords completely from his mother. But really felt the energy as lighter. Thx again.
Dear Theresa,
 Thank you so much for this great start and clearing this important block for me!
Love Natasha
Thank you for the healing and guidance you are amazing.
And thank you for being open to my reading, it was empowering for me.

Theresa has a way of connecting at the exact right moment needed. She not only cleared blocks that have been engrained for years, In a matter of 2 sessions everything has changed. After her first connection and then 2 subsequent sessions, it felt like everything was shifting, I was feeling emotions that I couldn’t explain – anger, frustration, not being in control of what I was feeling or how to manage it- she assured me this was all part of the clearing process. In my last session she gave me the tools I needed to clear the energy blocks and move forward. After my last session I feel lightness that I haven’t felt in years. I am excited to continue this process with Theresa, she has gift, and she’s able to connect, feel and guide you in a process that is truly Life changing. What a blessing.
Thank You Theresa Sage for being my angel today! You are powerful!
Mandy K
Such a nice session with water magician Theresa Sage
Thank you
Theresa, I am literally buzzing. Wow, I upgraded for sure. I have never experienced anything like that. Thank you. I have my talk tonight will be extra powerful.
D. Halls
Hi Theresa… I cannot even begin to describe the live session of ours…it was the most powerful thing I have experienced… no kidding!!! I am still feeling those powerful vibrations in and around me and I’m feeling light as a feather… almost giddy… like in love You are such a powerhouse and yet so gentle… God bless you 
Shelli G.
love I felt from you...I felt like a very heavy load has been lifted and it was a breakthrough moment for me.
I want to thank you for showing me the way forward … for helping me clear my blocks ... for the abundant love and support ...Sending you all lots of love and light and blessings
T. Chrisi
I lost my first husband 20 years ago and for years I found it very tricky to let go of the life that I could have had.

After I tried many different techniques over the years, I am so grateful that I finally found the answer, when Theresa helped me, in a most amazing way, to put the past behind me once and for all. She helped me to find peace and joy of living in the present again and connect with the gratitude of what I have now in my life ready to start a brand new chapter and creating a family of my own. 

Theresa is a master at her craft and if you would like to get to the root of your issues and clear it completely, look no further. She is incredibly intuitive and gets straight to the main issue, which is often hidden and Theresa helps you shift negative emotions, beliefs, habits and patterns. She has such a loving and caring nature and is blessed with amazing gifts, which are a rare find. I am very grateful and I feel soooooo blessed that our path have crossed and I recommend Theresa very highly.
With Love Silke Weeks
Thank you so much for my amazing session today. Huge hug.
Silke Xxx 😊
I had taken so many programs, looking for the answers. Not only did I want to get out of the grey feelings of my life but I also wanted to succeed in a way that was aligned with my soul and creating greater positive impact. I searched for over 30 years for the solution to be what I best describe as high performance flow. The reason this method is so effective where other programs have left you hanging is because they were missing an element. Either the focus was too much in the body, too much in the mind, or too much focused in the spiritual. This program balances all three, body mind and soul.
It is a simple, yet powerful foundation, to tap into this energy and reach your highest potential. It is not just a program it is a lifestyle that will elevate all areas of your life with an amazing tribe to support you as you evolve in this energized life. I can’t wait to share this with you!

About Theresa Sage
Theresa Sage Official
Theresa combines High-Performance business consulting with the spiritual side of flow and zone for greater fulfillment with her clients. 

She is a real estate investor and has run multi-million dollar Real Estate Companies and Consulted for small and medium companies, 0-60 million in revenue.  

As a high-performance coach, business consultant, and energy worker, she has transformed people's business and personal lives worldwide, progress on their path. 

She finds my greatest passion is helping her clients overcome the hidden obstacles that keep them from reaching their highest potential. As a Success Coach, she uses her talents and skills to guide people to connect to their inner power and energy to reach faster results with greater fulfillment and joy

Anyone can benefit from the consciousness-evolving framework that has helped people worldwide create a life far beyond what they could have imagined. 
My Passion
It is to light people up to discover their beautiful essence and gentle radiant strength. I combine real results with the latest energy tools and energy exercises to tap into their inner power and create their self-evolution for greater success in their lives.

My Specialty
It is to show people the newest tools to reach their potential faster and expand into an amazing life of love and fun.

High performance meets Spirituality to have people get the results they want in their life and FEEL amazing in their skin. Stepping into their gentle power and lighting up to their delicious essence of who they are.

My Life Goal is to wake you to your innate brilliance and healing abilities, so you can transform your life to remember the amazing person you are and create your life, so your wishes come true.
 YOUR Self-Evolution in Energy Light and Love!
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